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Global Partnership Opportunities


Silicone simulation dolls are becoming more and more popular in the market, and our company is a leader in manufacturing and distributing high quality silicone dolls. We are looking for potential partners who are interested in becoming our distributor and promoting and selling our products in the global market.

Product Description

Our silicone dolls are made of the best silicone material to provide a realistic feel and look. These dolls are designed to resemble real people with very detailed facial features and body contours. We offer a range of styles and sizes.

Benefits of becoming our agent

There are many benefits to becoming our agent, including access to high quality products at competitive prices. We provide comprehensive training and support to help our agents successfully promote and sell our products. We also offer a generous commission plan that provides our agents with the opportunity to earn significant income.

In addition, we take care of logistics and shipping to ensure that our agents do not have to worry about these aspects of their business. Agents can focus solely on selling our products, maximizing their profits and minimizing their stress.


Our silicone simulation doll is a high demand product with wide appeal. Becoming an agent with us offers a unique opportunity to be a part of a growing industry and earn a substantial income. With our support and expertise, our agents can easily and successfully promote and sell our products. If you are interested in becoming one of our agents, please contact us to discuss this exciting opportunity further.

Contact information:

WHATSAPP: +86 18649922268