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How to clean sex dolls?

It is important to keep sex dolls clean and hygienic, because this prevents bacteria from growing and contributes to its durability, making it last longer, while also protecting the user of the doll.

Cleaning steps:

1. Skin

- Rinse with water to flush away the surface dirt. Note: Only use cold water or 38 ° within the warm water rinse, to prevent the impact of product life
and flexibility.

- Pour the body wash onto your hands, pat with water and massage gently on the doll's skin.

- Rinse off the air bubbles and dry the skin surface with a clean, soft cotton cloth.

2. Important parts

- Mouth: Wipe the inside of the mouth with a wet paper towel and repeat several times until clean and odorless.

- Vagina and anus: Wet a long sponge with water and an appropriate amount of body wash, insert into the vagina and clean, then just switch to water and rinse clean.

Special attention!!!

- Try to keep the head and neck of the doll as dry as possible, otherwise it may cause the screws connecting the head and torso to rust.

- The bottom of the standing feet have screws, also avoid getting wet, wearing a pair of silicone socks will help.

(accidental wetting is not a big problem, just wipe dry in time)

Drying steps:

- Gently wipe with a clean, soft cotton cloth or towel. Please do not use the surface of the rough tool wipe, otherwise it may damage the skin.

- Do not use hair dryers or other heating devices! Wait for the skin to dry naturally before applying talcum powder to the doll, which will keep the doll's skin smooth. You can apply talcum powder to your doll once every half month. (Please use it when it is dry and do not apply other substances on the skin)

Facial cleansing:

- Moisten a clean, soft sponge or cotton cloth with water and gently wipe the face.

- Protect the eyes and eyelashes from getting wet or from any injury.

- Do not immerse the doll's head directly in water at any time.