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Silicone Doll Knowledge

- relieve work pressure. Life and work is very stressful, have a simulation doll is a means to relieve stress, do not prevent a try.

- reduce sex crimes. The ratio of male to female imbalance, have a simulation doll, at least can release some people's sexual repression, will to a certain extent reduce sex crimes.

- adjust the interest of life. Single men, or married men couples temporarily separated, the wife is pregnant can have a simulation doll to regulate life, so that the ordinary life of some more color.

- in line with the spirit of a frugal society. Have a girlfriend or married men, most of them have to increase some expenses to buy things for his wife, go shopping with his girlfriend, and men who want to be single can reduce this part of the expenditure, just need to have a simulation doll that does not eat or drink.